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To ensure the safety of our attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, the 2021 PARM Conference will only be 1 day due to the pandemic and uncertainty of group gatherings and attendees being able to travel. We have asked for the date of 10/1 to be reserved for our 2021 PARM conference @ SEVEN SPRINGS. We will be offering in person and virtually.

50% discount is being offered to mentees who register with current members

Pittsburgh Area Radiology Members
Annual Symposium 2021


Friday, October 1st, 2021

Seven Springs, PA

PARM, radiology, leaderhip, manager

Pittsburgh Area Radiology Members is a group that began in 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when local leaders in the radiology community banded together to network, information share, and encourage the next generation of radiology leaders.  The organization is not-for-profit and run entirely by volunteers.  Over the years, it has flourished and continues to be relevant today.  Each year, the group holds a conference in Western Pennsylvania to continue the tradition of building relationships and spreading knowledge, while providing continuing education credits to attendees.

Over 50 years of


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PARM Committee Members

Beth Milke

Lori Collins

Diane Cancilla

Beth Edson

Rachelle Gebis

Rande Serbanjak

Greg Kieler

Tiffany Graham

Laura Spisak

Maurica Moore

Dana Franks

Robin Lemley

Mike Lust

Heather Huha

Jeremy Virag

Kayla Heichel

Where Great Minds Reunite

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OCTOBER 1st, 2021 

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